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Ps. Naveed Akhtar

I love to my lord Jesus Christ from my childhood. My mother gathers us and we pray daily. We were not saved on that time but we love the Jesus very much. My family was living in a village. Pastor comes in my village after 6 months and we were very much in need of Jesus and His message.

We prayed daily with our family and my mother was only in the family who were able to read the Bible. I went to school daily after the Morning Prayer. In our village people wait for Pastors very anxiously because there was no local pastor available who lead and teach us from the Bible. My family was very poor and we only trust on God for our daily household needs. I want to study further to make my future bright but we had no financial recourses to complete my education.

I trust on God for my education and one day God opens the door for me to complete my education. Pastor Arif came in our village and visited my family. My mother shared about my education problem with the Pastor. Pastor agreed for my admission in a hostel where I can complete my education. God provided me a good chance for my better education and to learn more about the Jesus Christ while I study. I am very much thankful for Jesus for this chance. After that my faith on Jesus becomes stronger day by day.

My hostel life was very busy so at late night I go to chapel alone after my night study and I pray in front of God on my knees. And it was my daily routine. I am so thankful to God for opening the doors for my future life and providing me all things i needed. When I was 15 years old I attended one of the open air prayer meeting which was held in our village.

There Pastor teaches about salvation and proclaims the lifesaving message from the Bible. In that meeting I repent from all of my sins and accept the Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. I took water baptism and joined the daily prayer meeting group and there God gave me the power of the Holy Spirit. God blessed me a lot and changed my life. I grew up daily in Jesus and progressing day by day.

I have now completed my education and decided to serve the Lord as a minister. It’s my vision to preach among those who are still unreached. Here in Pakistan people are depressed and neglected. They desperately need the Jesus and His lifesaving message.

God Bless You!
Pastor Naveed Akhtar

Ev. Yasmin Seemee

When I was 12 years old girl. I saw my mother was sick from many years. She was patient of low blood pressure and Anemia and mostly she was admitted in a hospital. We were 3 brother and 3 sisters and have not much understanding of the circumstances as we all are in our child hood.

At that time we eagerly need our mother in all of our moments of life to understand the life better. But due to her sickness she was unable to take care of us all properly. We were basically Catholic and not know the teaching of Jesus Christ much. One day my mother and father went to nearly located new developed Pentecostal home church. There my mother was healed during the prayer which was especially all Church members are saying for her healing.

Yes, in His name my mother was healed there and my parents accepted the Jesus Christ as Savior and took water baptism and in evening prayer meeting. After some time when we were attending that home Church regularly she got the power of Holy Spirit. We all were so happy and thankful to the Lord Jesus Christ for our mother healing and blessed that He bring us all on the right path.

Throughout one year we learn much from the Bible about the God, Jesus and His teachings. One Sunday of 1989 we all 6 brothers and sisters took water baptism after the regular Sunday Church. It was so blessed day for us all. In the evening prayer meeting God blessed me with the Holy Spirit. It was special meeting for having the Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord, in that meeting 26 people were blessed and got the gift of Holy Spirit.

Our family is blessed now and we are growing in Jesus Christ daily. We were gifted by the Holy tongues. My elder sister Arfeen is blessed with tongues translation. My mother Catherin Samuel is now a healthy women and serving the lord as a Pastor in local Church of Lahore city. My father Samuel Nawab is also the man of God and serving Him in the same Church.

I was always pray for me to have a best life partner from the Lord that he would be a blessed person and so called man of God. Thanks to Him that He has provided me the right person for my life. Pastor Naveed Akhtar is my husband and he is so blessed. We both serve the Lord and He uses us for His glory. We go to the different villages and slum areas for proclaiming the Word of God.

God Bless You!
Evangelist Yasmin Seemee